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I am still in the stock market

And I am doing...well, not completely horribly,especially considering how badly the market has been doing.

I've talked about inverse ETFs before. These are the exchange traded funds that short stocks and go in the opposite direction of the market.
One of them is SH, which shorts the S&P 500. Surprisingly, it is down from when I bought it at the end of January  (although it has been rising lately and may be up soon.) Another one is DOG, which shorts  the Dow Industrials  I sold it at a loss after my 60 day stop loss expired.  SInce the market didn't start going back up,  after the 30 days necessary to keep  the wash rule from being applied  (stupid IRS) I bought it back. It's up from when I purchased it.

I've decided that these inverse ETFs are a much better way of betting against the market than buying puts. I'm not really psychologically equipped to trade options.

A couple of my regular holdings closed up today. Both were agricultural. BG closed up .39% and MOO, an agricultural ETF, closed up .48%.
I have one oil holding, GLF, that closed down, which surprised me. I thought oil prices would help it.

I did have USO, an ETF that tracked oil prices that I sold a while back because a trailing stop kicked in. I made a profit, but not like I would be making now. Damn.

My worst loser is DVY, an ETF of dividend paying stocks. I bought some shares back in February 2007 and have added to my position a couple of times. It is still down overall. It contains a lot of banking stocks and the problems in financials have hit it really hard. I didn't think the old adage about trying to catch a falling knife applied to ETFs, but maybe it does. Time will tell.

And even though I was down .71% today, that is less than any of the major indices. So I beat the market.  Two half-hearted cheers for me. :)


hip hip... hooray. hip hip... hooray.
; )

I'm glad to hear you're doing better than the market though! Hopefully things will improve even more for you... and everybody else...
Thanks for the cheers. :)