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Writer's Block: Unique Talents

Do you have a strange and obscure talent? What is it? If not, have you ever seen someone else's? What did they do?
I can can factor 4-digit numbers in my head. Sometimes I practice with parts of the serial numbers on dollar bills.

I also do a pretty good Harvey Fierstein impression. Serial numbers are of no help with this one.

I can flip the bird with my left ring finger.


have we ever had a Harvey Fierstein-off? i'm fairly certain you would win, most likely by a country mile...

we should, now that i am thinking about it, get a two man show together, reliving the biography of the man himself via dialogue between dueling Fiersteins...

I can stand up from sitting indian style with only one foot. It seems easy but it's more difficult than it sounds!
It doesn't sound easy at all. I can barely get up without using my hands.
I'm really good at finding things. always have been. If some thing's lost, call me. In fact I have a special dance that goes along with finding things. My crowning achievement of finding a thing was when Joe looked everywhere for his wallet and was getting frustrated and then I found it within 10 seconds (in his jacket pocket).
She even found my cat when it decided to hide from us all morning.