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Poetry Reading After Action Report June 12,2008

Last night's poetry reading was a bit different. Instead of my usual bouquet of dead celebrity haiku, I read a single haiku about Ira. It's a variation on the haiku I put here the day after her death:

Goodnight sweet princess
Your heart was a grand hotel
Where all your friends lived

I had written a haiku about Bo Diddley,but decided not to read it. There was nothing wrong with the haiku. I just wanted my  entire time at the mic to be about Ira.

Ira helped me with one of my poems once. It was called "Wonders" and described a tree in the Jackson's Java parking lot. I asked her if she knew what kind of tree it was and she said "let's go outside and look". She thought it was some sort of crepe but a few days later told me she was wrong and it was some kind of japanese tree.

Standing outside the coffee shop with Ira next to me on a cool spring night is a lovely memory.

I gave her a copy of the finished poem and she told me she  liked it. This encouraged me to give her another one of my poems. I have no idea if she had a chance to read it before she died, and I will probably never know. I hate that.