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Today In History

232 years ago today, the 2nd Continental Congress passed the Resolution of Independence (also called the Lee Resolution after it's sponsor Richard Henry Lee), declaring the 13 colonies to be independent of the British Empire. Two days later the announcement of this resolution ,also known as the Declaration of Independence,was approved, signed by John Hancock , then President of the Continental Congress (the other signatures would come later) and sent to the printer.

This is worth knowing, if only for the sake of giving Richard Henry Lee his due. Also, if you just can't wait two days to shoot off fireworks and cook out on the grill, now you have an excuse.


I'm not a big musical fan. But one of my favorite musicals is 1776, and this fact is made very clear in the musical complete with it's own song and dance number!
That's fascinating. All I know about the musical 1776 is that it exists (and was made into a movie a while back). I would have never guessed that historical accuracy (especially to this degree) would have been one of it's strong points!