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Lyrics to the James Joyce song

I sawiatethecookie the other day as he was in the homestretch of reading Ulysses and mentioned to him that I once wrote a country and western song about James Joyce. I sang him the chorus, and then I figured that was enough acapella singing in Jackson's Java and stopped.

So here are the entire lyrics

James Joyce was a ramblin' man
And I oughta know 'cause I'm one of his fans
He wrote real good and he wrote real free
With ineluctable modality

He woke up in the morning
And he wrote Finnegan's Wake
He had to write a second draft
'Cause the first one didn't take

(repeat chorus)

He went on down to Paris
Where he met Ezra Pound
Now Ezra was a smart ol' boy
But he sure could bring you down

(repeat chorus)

He stayed a while in Paris
Where he met Sylvia Beach
She milked his books for what she could
'Cause she was such a leech

(repeat chorus)

Yes, I know the timeline isn't right.