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Poetry Reading After Action Report 7/10/2008

This was recently edited to include the anecdote at the end of the post
Last night at the Jackson's Java poetry reading I stuck to my usual routine of reading haiku about recently deceased famous people. These included George Carlin, Jesse Helms, and Larry Harmon. I also read the one about Bo Diddley that I had written for last months reading but decided at the last minute not to read.

Here's the Bo Diddley haiku:

You'll not fade away
I know that's Buddy Holly
But really, it's yours

Here are the new ones:

George Carlin

Verbal alchemist,
You turned seven dirty words
Into comedy

Jesse Helms

Thomas Jefferson
And John Adams welcome you
This fourth of July

Larry Harmon

Beloved Bozo
Will not be replaced. His shoes
Are too big to fill

If you don't get the references to Adams and Jefferson in the Helms haiku, read the biographical info I've linked to and you'll probably figure it out.

After the reading, I overheard the barrista talking to one of the customers about haiku. He recited this one:

Haiku are such fun
But sometimes they don't make sense

That's what I like about Jackson's Java. It's a place where you can overhear haiku.