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Rory Gilmore

I was surfing around on Amazon the other day  and I noticed a "so you'd like to guide" called "be like Rory Gilmore". Hmmm. I naturally wondered who this Rory Gilmore fella was, and why I should want to be like him.

I clicked on the list, and saw some interesting books. Over on the side, I noticed some more "so you'd like to" guides and listmania lists that would help people to be like Rory Gilmore. So I dismissed my initial suspicion that Rory Gilmore was some raging narcissist who thinks everyone wants to learn how to be like him. Apparently there is somebody out there named Rory Gilmore who is really famous that  lots of people want to emulate.

After some googling, I discovered that Rory Gilmore is not only not a him, but is not even a real person. SHE is a character on The Gilmore Girls. A character who apparently reads a lot.


Discovering this hole in my knowledge made me more aware than ever that I am
  1. old, and
  2. unlike Rory Gilmore, a guy
I didn't think I could be more aware of these things, but there it is.  I plead not guilty to sexism though. Most people named Rory are dudes. Until now, all the Rory's I've ever known or heard of were.

I went surfing around for a list of the books she has read and I've found what looks like a pretty complete one (like I would know) here.

Ms. Gilmore appears to be a very well-read young lady with fine literary tastes. It is a damn shame she is not a real person.

Real or not, at least she inspires people to read more. Kudos to you, o fictitious damsel.


Her and her mom are some of the more interesting fictional characers i've ever come across

i also think it's cool when i meet girls who are named Ryan
It also doesn't hurt that Alexis Bledel and Lauren Graham are crazy hot.
for real.