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Elle took me out to dinner at Monterey's Monday night as a belated birthday gift. Perhaps I shouldn't say belated. "Extended" is better. Getting the birthday treatment after my birthday is over. That is cool.

She left yesterday to go to a conference in Raleigh. I miss her.

Slobodan Milosevic died recently. I don't miss him. He was a very bad man. But I will write a haiku about him.

Robert Baker, the creator of the chicken nugget, has died at the age of 84. He also invented turkey ham and poultry hot dogs. He was on the faculty of the department of Food Science and Poultry science at Cornell, and was inducted into the Poultry Hall of Fame. I had no idea there was a Poultry Hall Of Fame. I did know about the deparment of Poultry Science at Cornell. I found out about it when I was reading up on denatured proteins.

I was just reading some old entries and realized that I didn't read the haiku I wrote about William Cowsill at last weeks poetry reading. Damn.

No more rain. No more
Park, and no more other things.
Your song is over.

Better late than never.