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My bloggiest blog post every

What's really bloggy about this post is that it's going to describe inconsequential events in my own life. Also, it has already violated E.B. White's admonition to "not affect a breezy manner." If a cutesy neologism like "bloggiest" is not indicative of a breezy manner, I don't know what is.

Anyway, I went to Target yesterday to buy a gift card for my sister-in-law, and decided to make some self-indulgent purchases for myself. After finding the gift card, I went to the part of the store that has DVD's (which is close to the books).

They had discount DVD's by the registers. I picked up a 2-movie DVD of Shanghai Noon and Shanghai Nights for 9 dollars. I've always wanted to see Shanghai Noon.

I didn't buy any books, but I browsed.. Target has a better book selection than you might expect, but it's not that great. They did have The Secret. They had it in print and on CD. I didn't look around much to see if they had it on DVD, but they probably did.

For a long time now, I've been seeing The Secret every damn time I walk into a place that sells books. I also occasionally see the movie available on cable On Demand channels. All of which makes me wonder how much of a secret it can possibly be.

In the DVD section I picked up the HBO miniseries about John Adams, which I've been meaning to get. The price was lower than the Best Buy price. If I had more time and energy I would have been tempted to go to Best Buy and make them honor their lowest price guarantee. But I'm getting too old to stick it to the man like that. Especially since, at my age, some people would say I am the man. Better to leave him unstuck.

Speaking of old, I saw a copy of The Bucket List. I don't remember the price because I had no intention of buying it.The very idea that Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman would make the old-man equivalent of a Lifetime movie breaks my heart.  I've even heard nasty rumors that the Jack Nicholson character  opens up emotionally and learns to love...ICK. Just thinking about it is painful enough. I'm sure sitting through it would make me jump off a cliff.

They had a marked down copy of The Last King Of Scotland, a movie about a smartypants sanctimonious liberal who gets a very painful
reality check. Forrest Whittaker is brilliant as Idi Amin, the guy who delivers the reality check. I have wanted to own this on DVD for a while. Alas, it was full-screen. And they didn't have it in widescreen anywhere. Not even at  a higher price. That happens a lot at Target. I don't know why they can't give me what I want and take more of my money. What could be more win/win than that?

They also had a marked down ($9) copy of Hellboy, with lots of extras. I haven't seen HB, but what I've heard about it has intrigued me and at $9 I can use the "even if I don't like it I could use some extra coasters" argument.

So the price of two DVDs, one box set, and a gift card were my contribution to our nation's economy. Not a bad day's work.