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RIP Isaac Hayes

Damn this is the saddest celebrity death in a long time, and I follow them pretty closely. I now know how Stan and Kyle and even Eric Cartman felt  when Chef went away. I don't want to believe he is dead...part of me is clinging to the hope that he just went off to join the Super Adventure Club.

His is the only memorial haiku I've written so far  for Thursday night. The muse demanded it only for him. As you can see, I even uploaded a new userpic in his memory. Such is the depth of my admiration.

Isaac Hayes has been an enduring cultural icon for more than one generation. You go up to anybody and say "They say Shaft is a bad mother..." most people will know to say "Shut yo mouth!". The few who don't remember the Shaft theme will know Hayes as the voice of Chef.

Hayes's musical output was a lot broader than just the theme from Shaft and the novelty songs from Southpark (although that would be enough.) The first time I heard of him I was about 11 and watching some music show where they introduced this new guy  who mixed soul music with the sounds and extended jams of psychedelic music. His name was Isaac Hayes, and he had just released an album called Hot Buttered Soul.

It was an innovative album, including a couple of extended, musically dense renditions of some current easy listening hits. One of these, Burt Bacharach's  Walk On By , was the first Isaac Hayes song I ever heard. I'm embedding a video of Hayes and his band performing it live. Enjoy.

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