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Poetry Reading After Action Report 8/14/2008

I had four haiku last night. I had also brought along a couple of poems by other people I wanted to read, but decided that if I read them I would use up too much mic time. They had a very loose theme...both were written by people who weren't known for writing poetry. When I get to them at a later poetry reading, I'll have more to say about them.

Here are the haiku:

Tony Snow

You'll enjoy heaven
Debating with Tim Russert
Playing flute for God

Isaac Hayes

I'm allowed to say
That he was a bad mutha
I'm talkin' 'bout Chef!

John Bell McLaughlin

Area my foot! Boog knew
That this is Newell

Alexander Solzhenytsin

Freed from the gulag
You spoke for freedom until
Freed from gulag Earth

In case it's not clear from context, John McLaughlin's nickname was "Boog".


Why thank you good sir.