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Tropic Thunder

It rocked the house. It kicked ass. And plus, it was just plain good.

It worked as a satire, as slapstick, and as an action movie. I seriously think it deserves  attention at Oscar time. At the very least, Rick Baker should get  an award for makeup.

Tom Cruise, of all people, really shined in this movie.  One interesting thing is that although he is very short, you never notice it in his movies.
In this movie you do, because he's allowed to stand close to people who are taller than he is. His performance was what critics usually call "courageous", although they probably won't in this case.

It was the quintessential guy movie. There wasn't any kissy stuff. But there was farting, helicopters, and explosions. I got a testosterone rush just writing that last sentence. iatethecookie told me the explosions were real, not CGI. Even better. I'm not sure if the farting was real,though.

This movie is Anchorman meets Apocalypse Now.

This movie does not, repeat NOT, make fun of mentally challenged people. It makes fun of actors who think they can take a short cut to an Academy Award nomination by playing mentally challenged people. That's not only OK, it's damn near a moral imperative. I suspect most of the people raising a fuss have not seen the movie, or even read the script.

The movie is flawless. There is not one wasted moment or one false step. The last movie I said that about was Goodfellas.