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First, a disclaimer. These are not shameful confessions made over the phone. These are shameful confessions about telephones. Also, these confessions are not so shameful as to be R-rated.

For those of you still here,  I woke up early the other day to go into the office. I saw my portable land-line phone was not in its holder. I looked in most of the usual places I leave it, and it wasn't there. I tried calling it on my cell-phone so I could find it by it's ring. The problem is I have a couple of extensions so that didn't help. So I left the house thinking it wasn't worth looking for and I would just buy a new one.

I went by Target after I left the office and looked at some phones. I looked at the various features they had, checking for things like memory dialing (which my current phone doesn't have) and a readable display. Most of them had a handset locator.

Handset locator. Hey, I have one of those on my phone! I don't have to call it with my cell to find it.

So I went home and did what I had done a million times before in my younger and more lucid days. I pressed the handset locator and found it that way. It was in a spare bedroom. I don't remember how it got in there. I'm sure I would have in my younger and more lucid days.

Later on, I couldn't find  my cell phone. I knew for a fact that it does not have a handset locator, so I called it with my land-line. I found it pretty easily after it rang. My new ringtone is Ready For This, a spirited tune. It is in fact so spirited I couldn't resist dancing a little. I'll not mince words here. I got down funky.

It was so much fun I called it again from my land-line so I could dance some more. I boogied with great vigor, and even developed a little routine that involved tossing my land-line back and forth between my hands. Alas, a ringtone doesn't last long enough to develop a really good routine, but it was fun while it lasted.

I resisted the urge to call a third time. Also, I put the cellphone in my pocket so I wouldn't lose it again.


Your title sounds like that of a Japanese sexploitation movie. Maybe along the lines of "Eat the Schoolgirl: Osaka Telephone Club" or "Stray Cat Rock: Sex Hunter"
Heeheehee...No more embarrassing than some things I've done. :D

Although that blogpost title made me look, I admit!

Edited at 2009-01-02 06:23 am (UTC)
I'm glad you found and enjoyed one of my oldies but goodies. And I'm flattered to know that the title was so effective. :)