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Writer's Block: Change of Law

If you could change a law from any time in history, which would you change and what impact would this have?
I 'm going to restrict this to laws that have not already been repealed.

I would get rid of The Current Tax Payment Act of 1943. This is the law that requires income tax withholding.

Getting rid of this act and making people write a check to the federal government would make them more aware of how much they were actually paying in taxes. This would lead to a more honest and realistic public discussion of taxation.


Oh maaaaaan...I could write a novel! :)

I'd restrict any kind of tax to 10% maximum. Is this supposed to be for the US, or anywhere? No matter, this would lead to any country it's applied in becoming an economic Atlantis.

...Or maybe not. If it's a country that still practices slavery, for instance, or limits the jobs people are allowed to have to butcher, baker and candlestick maker, the economic benefits might not be as profound.