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Spreadsheets and famous mathemetical constants

Through a combination of geekiness and narcissism, I keep spreadsheets about a lot of aspects of my life. Three of these are how many books I read, how many blog entries I make, and how much I am spending on powerball.

In my powerball spreadsheet, I take note of how much money I have left per drawing in my powerball budget. As of this writting, to three digits, it is 3.14. In other words, an approximation to pi.

In my blog spreadsheet, I keep track of, among other things, the average number of entries per week I have been making so far. As I write this, it is 2.7182377. That's e to 4 digits. I have been noticing this tendency for a while, but this is the closest it has been so far. At times I have been tempted to try to see how close an approximation I could make it. That would be too geeky and obsessive though, even for me.

Yes, I know. I'm a geek.



Well, on the bright side, unlike me, you're organized. :D

But seriously, I don't think there's anything wrong with being a geek. Some of my best friends are nerds. (Is there really a difference?) Me...I'm a half-nerd. :)
I can't allow you to think I am organized. You just got a glimpse into a few small aspects of my life that are. (And not even those are completely organized...the physical storage of my books is not organized by any definition of the term.)

I think of spreadsheets as a prosthetic for those who are not naturally organized.

So you are half-nerd? Is that on your mother or father's side? :)
It's okay, I'm totally not organized in any area of my life. :)

Maybe I should start using spreadsheets then.

And I don't think nerdiness is inherited...:) Although, seriously, might it be? I suspect my parents are both half-nerd themselves.