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Ira Yarmolenko Discussion

I just got back from a public discussion of the Ira Yarmolenko case. Her brother led the discussion, and asnwered a lot of questions. I asked about the status of the State lab information, and he said most of it had come back. That sounded hopeful.

He also showed parts of a DVD he and his family made about her. A lot of it was photo montages. There was a section that showed her childhood in the Ukraine, and another section was called "Performance", which was pictures and videos of her hamming it up and acting silly. One of the pictures was of her as a little girl wearing an admirals cap. It was a military-strength cute bomb. There were also pictures of her dressed up in a fat suit. I felt oddly sad that I wouldn't be able to tease her about it.

There was also a video of her playing Chopin on the piano. It cut back and forth between pictures of her and footage of her playing. It closed with a photo montage with the Russian folk song "Golden City" playing in the background.

Watching these bits from the DVD was simultaneously delightful and heart-wrenching.

There was also a segment of her and a friend at a poetry slam in New York city, but the player for some reason started acting up on that one. Fortunately, it's on google video and I am embedding it below.

I saw a lot of Ira's old friends, including her old roommate. Some of these people I don't see much of because it is too painful for them to come to Jackson's Java. I also had a chance to intoduce myself to Ira's mother.

As sad as the occasion was, I'm glad I went. I left feeling a little more optimistic about justice being done.

Here is the poetry slam video:


This makes me sad too...
Thank you for your comment.

Ira was just a beautiful person...I wish you could have known her.